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Happy New Year to all Mums and Mums to be!

As the new year starts I am trying not to make any resolutions as it is always depressing when they fail before the end of January. This is a time to take stock and review successes and failures from the past year and to try and plan for the year ahead.

I have had a good year with the business and More4mums has grown with the website and we have expanded into new markets such as Amazon. It is now a real business rather than the little hobby it started as on ebay a few years ago. We have added new suppliers such as Carriwell and Bexi and are constantly trying to improve and change.

Our latest little item to be added is a cute Betty Boo T-shirt - perfect for brightening up a dull January Morning.

What will 2009 hold for us - well for all you pregnant Mums you have one great little gift to look forward to - it does help lift spirits when you have young children around - you can't be down for long!

If you are feeling the pinch with the credit crunch have a look at our latest affordable £5.00 Bargain buys and £10.00 discount deals for even better value for money.

If your new baby has arrived congratulations but don't miss out on the Nursing range of clothes including Sleepwear, Bras and tops.

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