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Recyle and Freecylce

I am a big fan of the freecycle site. It is a great way to pass on things that you no longer need but don't want to just throw away. There are lots of things that the charity shops don't want but someone else just might! I have recently passed on some childrens toys that mey youngest has grown out of and we aquired a great swing this summer! All in all you can't loose! You can join at http://uk.freecycle.org/. You have to find a local group and subscribe but it is all straightforward to do.

I have just joined the Federation for Small Businesses as sometimes it feels a bit lonely running a business on my own. They offer some good incentives and also support and a local club to connect with. http://www.fsb.org.uk/

We have had a couple of lovely sunny days here but today the 24th of September it seems as if autumn has definitely arrived. It is damp and miserable and our local tesco was stocking up on Christmas Sweets already !!! it does seem to be getting earlier and earlier.

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