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Latest news - how will it affect us all?

The latest banking news about Halifax/Bank of Scotland seems a little closer to home than all the doom and gloom news from America and investment banks. My first job over 20 years ago was at the counter of the bank as a summer job and it was enough to put me off for life lol! Tedious was not half of it, my job was to file all the cheques away and then bring them back out to send off with the statements. It will be sad to lose the Bank of Scotland name and all the job losses will hit hard. I do wonder where it will all end but unfortunately the working person will always end up worse off some how.

I have been having a few issues with my website hosting for the last week or so but have found a great new web designer who is also doing the hosting so I can get on with the selling!! Technology is great when it is working but when it goes wrong I am lost!! Have a look at the site now its working OK and see what you think http://www.more4mums.co.uk/

This week we have added lots of new Funmum maternity wear and also stocked up on cheap maternity nighties. I have also found some cute new maternity denim pinafores that would look great for the winter with thick tights and a big bump !
Somehow it seems easier to save your pennies in the winter as you can stay at home and stock up on warming soup and stews but September seems a bit too soon for the weather to be getting cold already (sorry if you are having an Indian summer where you are but it s freezing and damp here in Scotland today)

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