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Credit Crunch Mums

As a frequent internet user I thought I should find a space to share my voice with the many millions out there (are there more than millions, maybe billions?) As a stay at home mum of two young children and the proud owner of a fledgling internet business I am feeling the pinch as much as everyone else at the moment. (I am also proud of my girls lol!)

With rising prices on everything from bread and milk to petrol, families seem to be hardest hit again. On a day to day basis my weekly shop has risen by about £20 a week in the last year - however this may have something to do with a very hungry two year old ! You may have noticed but this is not a hard hitting economic analysis - it's down to earth and full of everyday experiences, hints and tips.

I'm an expert at making a few pounds here and there, if there is a saving to be made or deal to be found I'm there. I wasn't born in bred in Aberdeen for nothing!

My site http://www.more4mums.co.uk/ is still a young business and we specialise in discount maternity and nursing wear - do you see a theme growing here? I started off as many e-commerce businesses do on ebay but after a run in with the rules and regulations (and a husband who got fed up with the petty mindedness) we left and set up on our own. It has been a steep learning curve but does prove a distraction from temper tantrums and snotty noses and gives you back a sense of self worth.

My other side line is Mystery Shopping - if you don't know what it is I will explain more later but it means you get paid to go shopping - how good is that when you feel guilty even window shopping these days?

More about the business next time but for now my weekly money saving tip:

Mums when shopping for toddlers try and look past the baby food isle - many of the manufacturers see babies and stick another 100% on the prices.

Don't buy baby porridge - buy ready brek and save a fortune!! Weetabix is another great baby cereal - buy the stores own brand and save even more.
Don't buy the baby organic raisins - go to Asda and buy their multi packs of organic raisins at half the price.
Do sign up to all the baby clubs you can and get free vouchers and samples. I will find a list for you for next time.

Take care and look after the pennies, as the pounds look after themselves - as my old grannie used to say.

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